Boat Cruise


Location: Märkisches Ufer, opposite of the Brazilian embassy.

Time: Tuesday, August 9. Boarding starts at 7pm and finishes at 8pm. Please, try to arrive as early as possible!

Instead of just a dinner with a short social program, we would like to provide a unique cultural insight of Berlin. That is why we will take you on a boat tour of Berlin. The starting point is located within 5 minutes walking distance from the U Märkisches Museum subway station and 10 minutes walking distance from the S+U Jannowitzbrücke S-Bahn and subway station. The tour will take ca. 3 hours and finish at the starting point at Märkisches Ufer. People can enjoy the magnificent view which central Berlin offers during sunset as well as the show of lights which the city turns into in the evening.

There will be English speaking guides who will give information about the main points of interests during the tour as well as tell interesting stories about Berlin, its people, and the city’s history. The guides will be available for questions during the whole tour.

There will be a free selection of desserts as well as a free welcome drink. You can also purchase one additional free drink using a voucher that will be provided to you. You have to pay for any other drinks purchased in addition to these two free drinks.


Directions: Go to platform 5 on the top level of S+U Friedrichstraße (opposite of the poster session venue) and take any S-Bahn line departing from there for 3 stations to S+U Jannowitzbrücke. Finally, walk for ca. 8-10 minutes to the piers at Märkisches Ufer. The whole trip will about 20 minutes and there will be ACL personnel at both stations to direct and help you.


Boats Sbahn Directions


Alternatively, you make take subway line U6 from Friedrichstraße (direction Alt-Mariendorf) for 2 stations to U Stadmitte. There, change to U2 (direction Pankow) and get off at the third station which is U Märkisches Museum. The piers are located within 4 minutes walking distance. Note that there is no ACL personnel available to help you on this route. Nevertheless, this is also a convenient and easy way to get to the piers with less walking involved.


Boats U-Bahn Directions